I Quit. Will You?

Footprint Foundation and Innovation 44 have joined to launch a movement for each of us to quit our plastic addiction. It’s killing our planet and people. Unless we quit, there will be more plastic then fish in our oceans by 2050! We already consume a credit card worth of micro-plastic a week and it is affecting out health. Our health is affected by plastics, our oceans and other ecosystems are collapsing at an accelerated rate, and the impact is not evenly distributed – communities who have the least are paying the highest price. Eight million tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean each year, babies are born pre-polluted with plastic toxic compounds in their bodies, and people of color are 3 times more likely to die of pollution from nearby landfills and industrial plants. Plastic is not healthy for humans, ecosystems, or the economy! Recycling it takes adding more toxic chemicals to it to make it usable and re-polluting ourselves and everything around us – it’s not a solution we or the planet can live with.

Pledge to Quit Plastic for Good.

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